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Meet the Queens of Imagination . . .


A decade-long friendship, an unexpected introduction, and perfect timing brought authors C.C. Givans, R.M. Carpus, and D.M. Million together in 2020, forging a connection that was simply meant to be. Both students at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, Million and Carpus were introduced by the Office of Student Transitions when asked to team up for a project, and quickly discovered their shared passion for storytelling. 


Before Saint Joe’s brought them together, plans were already in motion for Carpus and Givans — best friends and former indie authors — to return to the publishing industry. When Million and Carpus connected, they proposed a collaboration. The timing and stars aligned, and the rest was history. THROUGH THE WOODS, the first installment of their new biannual anthology series is a collection of whimsical adventures, chilling thrills, and magical tales for lovers of fantasy, horror, and folklore. 


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